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LinkedIn, what is it good for?

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    With over 67 million users... how does it help you get a job? It seems Linkedin has been designed for professional people only, not just for any Twitter/Facebook type person. I was snooping around the other day:approve: found two old friends whom I didn't know where they are working now and at what position, it was useful.
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    It's a networking site for professionals. It might be helpful in landing a job. I've been invited several times, and I may have registered, but I never go there.
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    Filip Larsen

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    I think its a nice non-intrusive way for maintaining (awareness of) your professional network and since a good network today is more likely to land you a good job, I'd say that it is worth the effort in that regard. However, don't expect miracles - if you are looking for a job you probably still have to put some effort into it, linked in or not. Their CV function is also nice for getting a quick CV of other people or for getting your own to include in job applications (like if you don't want to send a full resume).
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    Absolutely nothing. Uhhhn.
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    It's very good. I use it, and have networked with some good folks. Honestly, it's been priceless.

    Please note Linkedin ettiqute. It is NOT Facebook. DO NOT go around randomly adding people to collect contacts, people will not add you, and may even make you look bad to their company in general.
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