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LinkedList<T> Java

  1. May 19, 2008 #1
    Could someone check the following 3 classes for me please?

    public class LinkedList<T>
    public Node<T> first;
    public Node<T> last;
    protected class Node<T>
    public Node<T> next;
    public Node<T> last;

    public class Iterator<T>
    protected Node<T> current;
    protected Node<T> previous;


    I've only included the classes and variables in order to illustrate the visibility.
    when I complile I'm getting the msg that "Node<T> current" isn't available in LinkedList<T> class...why not !?Am I only allowed one inner class?Also i ensured that my iterator was constructed within the LinkedList constructor so i dont think that it could be a problem with instantiating the iterator object.
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