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Could someone check the following 3 classes for me please?

public class LinkedList<T>
    public Node<T> first;
    public Node<T> last;
    protected class Node<T>
        public Node<T> next;
        public Node<T> last;

    public class Iterator<T>
        protected Node<T> current;
        protected Node<T> previous;


I've only included the classes and variables in order to illustrate the visibility.
when I complile I'm getting the msg that "Node<T> current" isn't available in LinkedList<T> class...why not !?Am I only allowed one inner class?Also i ensured that my iterator was constructed within the LinkedList constructor so i dont think that it could be a problem with instantiating the iterator object.
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The current member of Iterator<T> is protected, so it is accessible only to other members of that class or subclasses of that class. It is not accessible to outer scopes, which would include the LinkedList class.

I'm reasonably sure about what I've said, but I haven't really written any Java code for many years. If anybody has an opposing view, please jump in.

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