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Linking to visual aids?

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    To some degree I can cope with Jargon and formulas, but they often slow me down to the point where I stall. I learn best with either visual aids or analogies that I can picture. And that's why I find videos so helpful. For example, I loved Carl Sagan's Cosmos series. His cosmic calendar is such a wonderful visual aid.

    Are there sources for useful videos, that lay people can follow, that are sanctioned by PF?

    Similarly, are there Youtube publishers who are acceptable?

    As an example, there is one Youtube publisher called "Physics," who created a 1hr documentary style explanation of String Theory, which I found really helpful [Link]. Moderators please, do with the link what you will, but I'd like the questions here to remain, and please let me know if this kind of link is acceptable.

    The reason I ask is that documentaries like that one prompt further questions, and I would like to reference it when asking those questions in the appropriate forums.
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    We don't have any sanctioned videos but the STEM Learning Materials forum has some threads with video lists
    https://www.physicsforums.com/forums/stem-learning-materials.160/ [Broken]

    Linking to a video is ok for a question, but when making a point, it will become more scrutinized and evaluated by staff.
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    Thanks Greg, much appreciated.
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