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Links not working

  1. Jun 16, 2012 #1
    A few days ago any links in e-mails or in sites like Physicsfoums stopped
    working...I click on them but do not get connected. I made no changes
    of which I am aware.

    Setup: HP computer, Windows Vista, Internet Explorer, Yahoo e-mail.....

    Searches typed in at tabs [top of page] connect

    Any suggestions on how this happened and more importantly, how do I correct this??
    Thank you.
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    my usual first step with any problems IE related is to reset it back to default. So i'd give that a go and see if it helps.

    Open IE, tools>Options>Advanced>Reset>Delete Personal Settings
    then restart IE>Tools>Options>Advanced>Browswing>Uncheck Enable 3rd party browser addons
    CLick on security tab>Reset all zones to default
    Restart IE and test to see if everything is ok
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    You,sir, or madame or whatever are a GENIUS....

    [I tried one...on a website...it did work.....BUT
    I tried various other links, as in Physicforums...

    still NOT working!!!
    I double checked and verified "enable third party browser addons" IS still unchecked as suggested.....so am still stuck.....


    I had already tried reset to default so the following must have been the answer:

    What does uncheck 'Enable 3rd party browser addons' fix the issue.....?????

    It sounds like one would need those, whatever they are...

    I hate Microsoft!!!!
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    Have you tried to use a real browser, or do you stick with IE?
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    I doubt that you need to enable 3rd party brower addons. My guess is that somehow the browser (IE) thinks that sites like PF and Yahoo are unsafe and is stripping out links in pages that come from these sites.

    Try this:
    In IE, click the Tools dropdown menu, then Internet Options.
    In Internet Options, click the Security tab. By default the Internet icon is selected. On my computer, running XP SP3 and IE8, security for the Internet zone is set at Medium High. What is yours set to?
    Still in Internet Options, click the Security tab, and then select the Restricted sites icon. If there are sites in this zone (such as PF and Yahoo) they should be listed there. By clicking the Sites button you can add or remove sites from this zone.

    Hope that helps!
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    I've tried real browsers, and I still like IE! Especially the F12 debugging tools, which are as good as or better than the corresponding tools in Firefox and Safari.
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    Let's face it - you are paid for liking it :tongue:
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    if the issue only occured a few days ago, you should try doing a system restore to a date before the issue began.

    if that fails, try re-registering a dll on your system
    start>cmd (run as administrator)
    regsrv32 urlmon.dll

    also check your IE popup blocker.
    One of the other posts said to check your internet security settings, make sure you reset all your zones to default and check your restricted sites list. ensure that safe sites are not in that list.

    that should get you around the issue, assuming its not something else thats specifically blocking it.
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    Well, there's that. :wink:
  11. Jun 17, 2012 #10
    Suday 6/17: restored to 6/8/.........problem solved
    Thank you. Never did a 'restore' previously....

    I noticed that several Windows automatic upgrades took place during the last week.,,,after 6/8.
    I wonder if one of those caused my problem.

    Those upgrades were presumably eliminated: do I need to take any action
    to restore those or will Windows update them again automatically?.

    How do I 'get paid' for liking IE?? What does that mean??

    I do not notice any deposits to my bank account covering that!!!!Can I get a raise if I say I like it more??
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