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LinkSys Router Question

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    I'm running Windows XP Pro w/ SP2. The so called "firewall" has slowed my broadband down considerably. I was told that if I had a router, I didn't need Window XP's "firewall". Is this true?
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    The router will not forward any incoming traffic to you (unless you set it up to do so) of which you didn't initiate the connection. So no non-email worms attempting to exploit windows bugs will do any harm. So for inbound protection there is no need for a local firewall. You may still want to use a firewall on your computer to avoid reverse-connect trojans for example, where the server actually connects to the client. Spyware or other malicious programs could still send data to whoever wants to receive it.

    I have a router, and I don't use a firewall on my computer. In practice, if you are a 'safe user' there is not really a need for a firewall when using a router.
    I also don't know whether XP SP2's firewall has got outbound protection, at least the original didn't.
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    Thanks El-Half.
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    How's AO doing these days? :smile:
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