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Linux Distribution Chooser

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    This is a useful web resource for a new linux user. Just answer a series of questions and suggestions as to which distro is better suited for you will be given:

    http://www.zegeniestudios.net/ldc/ [Broken]
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    Every time I do it, it gives me the names of almost every popular distro, from one CD to five. :biggrin: Nevertheless, it gives an idea to the newbie on what's out there.
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    I actually use Umbuntu already, and I have a MAC which has a deb based distribution method (apt-get)
    I think the only question it actually used to correlate this was, which distribution method do you perfer, that was a phenomenal waste of time :smile:
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    If you want some screenshots of the distro to go with it you should try out:

    http://shots.osdir.com" [Broken]

    It is really good for screen captures.
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    Screen Captures?

    The way the windowing system will look has nothing to do with the distribution, and everything to do with the windowing system.
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    It also shows the menu, the boot menu, the desktop and other useful properties involving the distrobution.
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    hmm.. says Debian for me. Im using openSUSE.. close enough. haha

    it says opensuse isn't free though, i must be missing something:confused:
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