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Linux error message

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    Sorry if this is the wrong place, I had to choose between Programming and Technology and am not very familiar with these forums. Nevertheless, my question is does anyone know what this error message means? "If: malformed file inquiry" I have spent quite a while 'googling' for answers; there is indeed many threads on this error message, however most of the situations and responses are well over my head.

    A little more explanation of why I am getting this error message is that I am using an SSH connection to my University's server to submit a file to an executable, I've checked permissions and that the files are in the directory I think they are.

    What I'm really looking for here, is just an explanation of what that error message means in general.

    Thanks for any input.
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    What command are you using that gives you that error?

    If your sibmitting a file through an executable on your uni's computer its likley that its a script/program written by your prof/department. and if thats the case theyd be the one to ask this question to.
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