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Linux for Windows Addicts

Linux for Windows Addicts

Everyone has a stance in the OS debates, but I've really never taken a side. I have Mandrake on one machine and I could do some commands and simple stuff, but I didn't really know what Linux was all about. I've been a Windows person forever and I took interest in this book right away. It's for people who want to learn how Linux works in terms us Microsoft people are used to.

This book is for current Windows users who want to try Linux using their current Windows knowledge

Introduces the Linux OS. Everything from Installation, Kernals, File Systems, Programming and Linux Servers.

This book is extremely easy to read. It's not too wordy, but not too technical either. You really enjoy just sitting down and reading as if it were a novel.

Linux for Windows Addicts uses many figures and pictures so you can actually see what the author is talking about. The explanation of the new Linux terms is wonderful.

It works! I was very frustrated with Linux, but now I appreciate what it is and can for the most part put it to good use.

This book is specifically for Windows users, so anyone with some Linux knowledge might not be interested. Again, this book is very broad and not very technical. So you may understand what Linux does and can do, but you won't find out how it does things and why.


Find it on Amazon:

It's paperback, fairly light and I got it for about $30.

Rating: 4/5
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