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Linux help

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    Linux help!!!

    Basically I am looking to install linux on an older laptop I have. What are the minimum system requirements for linux, how do i install it, and what version (redhat, etc.) is best?
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    Minimum requirements:

    15 Mghz processor, 64Mb (or less, if you're good) of RAM.

    granted no modern distro can do that, but the kernel can. Slackware can install and run on an old 486 though (just one notch above that).

    On a more serious note, Any system made in the last 10 years can run Linux just fine. I've got a 266 Mghz pentium II that is more responsive that windows XP on a 996 Mghz machine.

    As for the best, that is a matter of religious warfare. Stupid, stupid question to ask. People defend their distro of choice with the ferocity (and lunacy) of religious fundamentalists the world over. Personally, I use Slackware. It suits me. It may not suit you. Try several, find one you really like, whose strengths complement your own when it comes to system administration.
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    I would try out Ubuntu Linux. It is nice and simple. http://www.ubuntulinux.org/
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