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Linux kernel module support

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    [SOLVED] Linux kernel module support

    How is it these days? IMO this is one of major areas where Linux used to lag behind Windows. Loading/unloading modules during runtime was not always reliable and sort of a pain... has it been improved in the last year or two?
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    linux's KDE and GNOME kernels are available for update from time to time, you just need to download it from source.
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    Saint - KDE and Gnome aren't kernels, nor do they have their own kernels. They're window managers for XFree86.

    Anyhow, to answer damgo's question..

    As I've only been using Linux for a little while (<8 months) I can't comment on how much slower the modules used to load. However, most of my modules are not built into the kernel and have to be loaded separately, and I haven't noticed a slow boot time because of it. So far it's been very reliable and faster than Windows. There is also a lot of support for USB and things of that nature in newer kernels. I have all of my fun stuff (palm pilot, digital camera, etc.) working with linux. Thinking of going back to linux? :wink:
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    Partially. :smile: I need it to program in for research -- I am NOT going to use VC -- and the geant libraries don't play nice on Windows anyways. Plus, LaTeX is pain in the ass on Windows.
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