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Linux shell scripts

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    I am new to the Linux os & i am eager to learn shell scripts for my engineering applications.
    How to learn step by step any suggestions?

    I am not aware any programming languages.

    For my immediatiae application is

    We have installed custom build software in one particular folder,
    exe. file avalible in subfolder file i.e end of 5 sub folder
    To execute this software cannot installed icon in desktop so every time by using terminal using change directories command we are executing
    also while system boot up license file doesnot intilized automatically has to be given command everyday .Remembering the commands is somewhat uneasy.

    Beyond this what all are the applications we can do by using linux shell scripts?I am engineering backround so i want to see any my engineering applications can i utlize?

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    Linux Bash scripting is pretty powerful in the realm of system administration and automating system tasks. If you wish to learn some sort of scripting language geared toward engineering and scientific computing in general; I suggest that you invest your time in learning a language like python instead.

    You can pretty much pack all those requirements into one script file:
    1) Load license file
    2) Change to directory where binary executable is.
    3) And finally run it.

    A bash script for this task would be fairly simple to make. Basically a bash script is a file that contains a list of commands in the order you'd like them to be executed.

    As simple bash script would be like this:
    Code (Text):
    echo "hello, $USER"
    echo "Listing files in  $PWD"
    ls -al
    Line one tells the system that this file should be run as a bash script.
    Lines two and three are basically printing messages to the stdout.
    Line four it the command that needs to be executed.

    So all you need to do in mod the above script and place what ever commands you usually type.
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    All the guides you'll need for an introduction to Linux and shell scripts
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