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Linux wont boot

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    I downloaded Morphix which was supposed to give me an idea of Linux. I downloaded an iso file. Then I had a virtual drive so I mounted it on that. I used Nero and burnt all the files to a rewritable cd.

    When I restart the pc (with the CD inside) I get "Boot from CD: " it stays there for 10 seconds and then i get Win XP(booting from my HDD) not Linux.
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    Did you try hitting 'enter' when the 'boot from cd' prompt came up?
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    Yes, But XP starts loading!!
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    Did you check the MD5 checksum before burning the CD? Perhaps the ISO image you downloaded was corrupted.
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    What is MD5 Checksum?
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    MD5 Checksum is a unique string based on the bits of the file. For example if you look at the right column of this page you'll see a link called MD5SUM:

    http://www.linuxiso.org/distro.php?distro=4 [Broken]

    The string will look something like this:

    a0b162e26281ef097ee8b39b8690a8c2 debian-30r4-i386-binary-1_NONUS.iso

    When you finish downloading the ISO image you'll run the file through a tool that will generate a md5 string. It should match the same string on the website you downloaded the file from.

    Here is an MD5 checksum tool you can use on windows to verifiy the ISO image:

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    Did you burn the image to a disk or just the files and folders as they were? You should open the ISO file with nero and it should be ready to burn
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    Yes that was the mistake I did. Now its working properly.
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