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Lion Presentation

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    Here is my presentation about the lion life cycle: https://prezi.com/uwvap0ljxdso/lion-life-cycle/ What do you think? Am I missing anything?

    Do you think I should do one on cheetahs, 1 on leopards, 1 on jaguars, and 1 on tigers as well?
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    I'm not sure what the target audience is supposed to be, but in any case I'd avoid colloquialisms - perhaps you could find more formal/neutral substitutes for 'kicked out' and 'had enough'? 'Chased away' and 'spent' for example.
    There's also a bit of too much focus on the male, I feel. Isn't there anything that you could include in parallel about females? How their position in the group changes, what dynamics are there as she grows older etc.
    Also, while I learned something about how the mating happens and how long the heat lasts, I don't know when females actually are in heat. Is it seasonal? Once per year?
    You could add a slide or a note about gestation period.
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    Okay I have added a slide about gestation and a few slides about lionesses including a video Born Predator which is a documentary of a nomadic lioness Miata and her cub Moja. The lioness in a pride slide talks about the composition of a lion pride and what the lionesses do in a pride. I have also edited the mating one to include that lionesses are not seasonal when it comes to whether or not they are in heat.
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    I truly enjoyed your presentation, I'd certainly appreciate if you made for other big cats :smile:
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