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Lipid Indicator

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    Hi we did a lab today for testing compounds in foods....

    So basically the only way to detect if a lipid is present is by transparency? Like we used a paper towel, we added a few drops of the substance to the paper towel and then rubbed it today, if it was transparent it tested positive for lipid...

    Is that the only indicator?

    Is anyone familliar with the indicators for protein, sugar and starch? (Just want to see if I can check my results).

    We tested these on Apple, Orange, Milk and Butter. For lipids we also used oil (positive), for protein we used albumin (I got negative), for sugar we used glucose (positive), for starch test we used.. starch (positive)
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    Take a look at some of the more common assays for protein such as lowry, coomassie blue, bicinchoninnic acid (BCA). They are basically dye-binding assays which will quantify total protein in solution. A search on google scholar would be a place to start or check out an assay provider like Pierce.
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