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Liquefying nitrogen

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    Sorry for the template not being present, when I use my phone it doesn't show up. I am trying the problem about liquefying liquid nitrogen, and I am having my first problem finding the latent heat of vaporization at 280.6 K. I try using trouton's rule, and I get a domain error because the inside is negative with a power of 0.38.

    I can't really tell if my drawing is right, I am assuming that the order in which it enters the system is a throttle valve, then a heat exchanger. Some vapor leaves the system, which is the combined throttle valve and heat exchanger, before entering the heat exchanger. Then, the rest goes through the heat exchanger.

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    Here is a new attempt, this time I made the inlet condition the reference. I am still stuck about the vaporization enthalpy using troutons rule and getting a negative number due to the reduced temperature being greater than unity

    ImageUploadedByPhysics Forums1396764658.823847.jpg
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