Liquid Crystal Contact Lens?

  1. Would it be possible that Opticians will be selling to visually impaired people, Contact Lens, made from a material that has a negative index refraction, that theoretically could be altered with a Liquid Crystal "Eye-Drop" solution?

    Basically how far are we from a Liquid Crystal Contact Lens? :biggrin:
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  3. i read somewhere in the net that there is already an invention of eyeglasses with LC as filters designed for people with cataracts.kewl!i'll try to find it then i'll post it here.

    btw, hi forum!
  4. Well I would be amazed?..but I had found some webpages that have LQ Glasses, but not actual Cataracts.

    The original Question related to a paper I had recently read, which filled my mind with some aspects of thinking, relative to the Question?..I will dig out the paper and links, as soon as I have completed some urgent work.

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