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Liquid gas volume in Cylinder

  1. Oct 24, 2006 #1
    Hi all

    I would like to know how to calculate the volume of liquid gas (CO2)
    inside a cylinder of 50L.

    Its for a medical centrifuge machine and
    we will have problems with high G's that will move the liquid to the sides...
    (and could block the valve)

    Any formulas help? (i dont have any background in chemics - gases).

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  3. Oct 26, 2006 #2
    Most of the CO2 would be liquid (@ room temp) once it is put under pressure. Your cylinder should tell you how much CO2 (by weight) you should put in your cylinder. If you assume say 90-95% of it being liquid, I think you'd be safe.

    I am wondering what you mean by "blocking the valve." The valve should be able to slow the liquid as well, and the liquid will just turn to gas as it escapes. If you are concerned about getting the contents out of the tank, just get one with a siphon tube so that most of the liquid comes out.
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