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Liquid Nitrogen Supply

  1. Jun 1, 2012 #1
    Im working on an exisiting Ntirogen supply system thats used to blanket boilers and pipelines etc. at a thermal power plant. Im trying to determine the capacity of the system. I have determined the size of the liquid ntrogen tank to be 8m^3 but I'm lost on how to determine the amount of gas that can be produced from the expansion of the liquid.

    I'd like to assume Normal conditions. 0 celcius 1atm.

    Any Ideas?
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    The density of LN2 at its boiling point (from Wikipedia) is 0.808 g/cm^3. If you have 8 m^3, this is 8*10^6 cm^3, so this is about 6.5 * 10^6 g. This is 6.5 tons - must be a big tank! Since N2 is 28 g/mole, this is 2.3 * 10^5 moles. At STP of 0 Celsius and atmospheric pressure, each mole occupies 22.4 liters, so this would be 5.2 * 10^6 liters.
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    Where did you come up with the mole density?
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    The atomic weight of nitrogen is 14 g/mole - this is something you look up in the periodic table. Since Nitrogen gas is N2, a mole of nitrogen gas weighs 28 g.
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    Sorry, I ment molar volume. I know relise that its from the idea gas law.

    Thanks for the help, this all makes sence now!
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