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Liquid oxygen explosion blast radius

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    OK all since I do not have a physic background I figured I would come to the WWW and search those who did. I am needing some questions answered.... here is the badckground info...I work and a Cryogenic plant that has a max of 17000 gallons of Liquid Oxygen and 12000 of liquid nitriogen on hand. The minimum would be 5000 gallons of each product. The question that have been asked of me is the following....what is the radius of a "worst case" explosion if both the lox and lin tank went up. I think we can assume that the main hazard is the LOX since LIN does not support combustion as LOX does. The expansion rates of 860 for LOX and 920 for LIN should not come into play since if there was an explosion and the cryotainers ruptured the product would no longer be contained. Can anyone help to give me min and max distance of explosive arc for this senerio?
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