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Liquid Oxygen Storage tank

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    Can you give me some advice on this:

    Are you in a position to supply us the below item:
    Please let me know the price as CFR Bandarabbas Iran.
    Subject : vertical liquid oxygen tank
    (lox tank)
    capacity: 18000_22000 lit
    working pressure : 17 bar
    Daily Evaporation Rate : % 0.3
    With additional equipment: vaporizer, safety valves….
    Application : oxygen storage for cutting steel plate work shope
    I searched google, but all I got was medical Oxygen storages. Do you know some companies or some search tricks to help me find that tank?
    thank you
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    For a tank of that size, I'd imagine you need an industrial gas company. It isn't exactly an off-the-shelf product.
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    What will it be used for?
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    Contact the major industrial gas companies. They are:

    Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
    http://www.airproducts.com/index.asp [Broken]



    Air Liquide

    There may be other companies in your area. They typically set up a lease for such equipment, charge a monthly service fee for leasing the equipment, then an additional charge for the actual product.

    The least expensive option is generally the company with the closest air separation plant.

    Edit: The tank pressure, 17 bar, seems just a bit high. Is that the pressure you need product at, or is that what you worked out the tank maximum working pressure should be? The problem with that pressure regards the delivery pump on the trailer.
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    You mean there's no such thing as buying one of that tanks and operating it by ourselves?
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    Application : oxygen storage for cutting steel plate work shope
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    Thank you all. I think my boss must be informed a great deal of info next morning :D
    He thought of it to be like a pie. We go to the Internet, find one, buy one and they will send it to Iran and we will be using it in one month :))
    This was the first time I post in the General engineeing forum, I see you are as kind as other PF people. You know, usuallly engineers have special attitudes because of their hard and 24/7 jobs. But you showed me that in PF everybody is kind enough to answer other's questions
    Thank you again
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    We lease our tanks and related pumping equipment. The capital investment required to comission something like that is quite high. I think you may want to approach your people with the idea of leasing. Plus, as part of the lease, you can work in a product delivery schedule to ensure you are never empty.
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    Yes, you can buy one fully outfitted and ready to go. It can be new or used. Shipping from the US or Europe is a possibility, and if you'd like some sources from the US, I can give them to you, but there must be much closer sources to you. The problem is I'm not familiar with what may be in Iran, and don't know what sources for industrial gas equipment your country may have. These tanks are often found in large hospitals, so you may try and contact a few hospitals there, or some other industry near you that has a tank and get some information from them.

    On the other hand, the companies I listed above may also be able to sell you one and they all have an international presence. I suspect each of those companies has set up an organization somewhere inside Iran, though I'm not certain about that. I'd try locating a branch office from each of those companies and call them to see if they might sell you one.

    Anyway, purchasing a tank is certainly an option. The main issue with owning the tank is repair and maintenance. If the tank needs to be repaired you're stuck with it. A vacuum repair such as a line that's leaking into the interior requires disassembly of the tank which can only be done at a very speciallized shop. There are also o-rings on the tank that can leak and you'll loose vacuum, so if you replace those o-rings you'll need to know how to backfill the annulus with an inert gas, and be able to pull a vacuum on the tank. If you lease the tank, that will be the responsibility of your supplier.

    There are some benefits to owning your tank though. You can shop around for product more easily and contracts for product can be more easily negotiated and better terms made. And of course, after so many years, the cost of the lease may exceed the cost of the tank, so in the long run (ie: about 5 to 10 years) owning the tank will pay for itself.

    The only problem I see may be the pressure. If the pressure is much above 10 bar, you may have to:
    - blow the tank down to 10 bar to fill it
    - find a supplier with a high pressure trailer pump
    - install a pump to offload the trailer.

    This is actually a very good point! At least in the US and Europe, all of these installations have something called "telemetry" on them which reads the liquid level in the tank and calls into the supplier through a phone line to tell them when to fill the tank. The entire filling system then is automated, and the chances of running out are almost eliminated. The telemetry can also monitor other things if you have additional equipment, and dispatch a maintenance person when the system goes down without having to call and let them know.
  11. Nov 23, 2009 #10
    Omid - If you are still looking for Storage vessel for LIN/LOX perhaps I can help?
    A standard vessel from a Cryogenic Vessel manufacturer would work. Whereabouts are you and I will put you in touch with nearest manufacturer?
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