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Liquid Viscosity

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    Hey guys,

    I am researching the viscosity of different liquids. I want to use an acoustic method to determine the acoustic viscosity. In some readings I figured that this can be done by using two Piezo sensors. The two sensors are inserted into water, liquid, etc. Transmit sensor (sensor A) emits a specific frequency in the liquid and receive sensor (sensor B) receives a frequency. For example if a sensor A transmits a frequency of 100 Hz and sensor B receives a frequency of 85 Hz. But I want to know how can use that different frequencies to determine the viscosity of that particular liquid. Also I think the temperature of of the liquid can affect its viscosity. For example water at room temp (25 Celsius) may have a different viscosity then water at 75 Celsius. Also I know that Shear stress and Shear strain play a part in determining viscosity but how can i tie this into the use of the frequencies.

    Thanks in Advance...
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