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Liquidmetals, Amorphous solids.

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    Hi, I’m currently on a path in my physic education where I should choose some specialization. I’m currently studying in Europe(Poland), but I’m planning to apply to some of USA’s graduate programs after I finish my undergraduate course here. I’m quite sure I will do Condensed matter. Right now I have quite good possibility to do some serious research on Amorphous Solids(glass, liquid metals, etc).

    The question is I don’t know how much is currently going in science about this and what possible job could I find after I finish it. ( after M.S. I would love to do Ph.D but after that I would probably switch to do something in industry). So the question is which universities are doing such research and how much people is needed in industry in this subject?

    However if I do these undergraduate research I could probably do something different in graduate but I also think it’s better to keep improving in one topic.
    What do you think about it?

    Thanks for all help.
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