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Liquified Nitrogen!

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    I know the undeniable substantial applications of cryogenics fluids in engg. sciences, but can't hold on how these fluids are cooled or liquifed from gaseous state??
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    At what pressure would nitrogen exist as a liquid at RT? How about at -80C?
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    definitely not at RT, what i think!!
    boiling point of N2 -196 C
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    It's done by utilizing the ideal gas law: when you pressurize a gas it heats up. If you cool it back to room temperature while maintaining the pressure, then let it expand through a nozzle, it cools down. Do that enough and you'll liquify it.
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    wish could have link for detailed citation
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    The Joule Thompson effect will get you a temperature change by expanding through a nozzle, but for added cooling, expand in an expansion engine. Gas that does work loses energy ;-)
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