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LISP help

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    Got a problem with this function. It is part of a heuristic thing for a game. If I can't get a winning row of five stones, or block a winning row from the opponent, or blah blah blah, I want it to place a stone at some random point adjacent to the opponent's last move. Basically think of a tic-tac-toe grid but larger. A 3x3 array, 0 to 9. If opponent places a stone in 4, then I want it to place randomly in 0 to 3 or 5 to 9. At the moment it almost works, but freezes if the stone is placed on the left edge of the board.

    Code (Text):

    (defun rndplyr ()
      (if (null (get-history))
          (list 0 0 )
        (let ((hist (get-history))
              (lm (car (get-history))))
          (do ((row (+ (car lm) (+ (random 3) -1 ) ))
               (col (+ (cadr lm) (+ (random 3) -1 ) )))
              ((score (list row col) (get-board))
               (list row col)))))
    Any hints?
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    Your code doesn't seem to error check to see if your value for row and col lie on the board... I surmise that the score function isn't written to handle illegal values and gets itself caught in an infinite loop.
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