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List of Appendices in Latex

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    In Latex, there are the \listoftables and \listoffigures control sequences to list the tables and figures respectively where you want. But I didn't find a similar control sequence to list the appendices, or did I miss it? Can anyone help please?

    Thanks in advance
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    LaTeX doesn't have default support for appendices. Most classes give you an option (like \backmatter) which will set special formatting for \chapter's so they show "Appendix A" instead of "Chapter 13", which means they'll just show up in your table of contents.
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    Check into
    Code (Text):

    The default command \appendix starts your appendices but theres no way back, and everything subsequent will be labeled that way. I believe the package gives you a little more control.
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    Thanks CompuChip and minger for replying.

    For sure I want to include the Appendices number in the table of contents, and I did that. But what I want is to set a list of appendices in a seperate page, as with list of figures, and list of tables. How can I do that? This is one of the requirements of my thesis.

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