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    If you're not worshipping god, you are worshipping something else. I shall now furnish a partial list of FALSE RELIGIONS people worship:


    2) Science-technology-future. This is the most dominant FALSE RELIGION being followed in the world today.

    3) Love. A total pure illusion and invention.

    4) Sex. Same as above, associated with maybe drugs, highs, LSD, TRYING TO HAVE FUN.

    5) Money. You just need the bare minimum to survive.

    6) Work. Same as above.

    7) Progress. This is a subtle one; people think they "grow", progress towards "more knowledge", "more spirituality" etc. These are mostly just counters of numbers or measurements that don't mean anything at all. We have CHANGE, but rarely any progress, and besides progress is undefined.

    Art-consumerism. These are false IDOLS. Billy Idol is the only real IDOL.

    9) Marxism - social activism - idealisms

    10) Many more, each of you add to this ever growing list of CRAP.

    A man is truly free when he does not need to worship anything or live for anything at all. A man who believes in NOTHING is the real unknown god.

    What's the difference between an "explanation" and a scribble on a piece of paper or pure non sense ? None. The explanation is just something useful for us in organizing and predicting the world, manipulating it according to our needs, pleasure, survival etc. But taken as is, there is nothing that really distinguishes an explanation from any sequence of symbols, a painting or any non sense at all.

    The quantum physics equations are equivalent to any sequence of symbols. They become important only in that they can be used to interpret, organize conceptually and manipulate matter. They are in turn useful to us only because we are hardwired to perceive and interact with matter in a given quirk way. If we were hardwired differently we could even not have explanations, or have a completely different way to organize our thoughts-emotions-interactions. Science itself is just a QUIRK.

    An empty mind is a pure mind. God is good. He wants the mind free from any noise. Metaphysical independence. An explanation is a set of cause and effects. A formula, interactions, experiments. Seen from outside the whole system it is just a drawing, a painting, with no intrinsic value. FREE YOUR MINDS!
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    Or like me, one does not worship.
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    You only claim that the items on your list are 'false religions' without justifying your claims. Please see the philosophy forum guidelines for what is considered an acceptable philosophy thread.
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