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List the major branch of Physics

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    Please answer ASAP."List the major branch of Physics and its 2 subfields we have studied and discuss each." (We have been studying Mechanics)... what are the subfields? Or am I reading the question wrong. I am so confused. *Steph*
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    Hi Steph,

    I don't believe there are any "officially recognized" subfields of mechanics among those in the physics community. Your teacher has probably declared the subfields on his own. The best way to break mechanics up into two pieces, in my opinion is:

    1) Newton's laws (and how they can be used to predict position, velocity, and acceleration)

    2) Conservation laws (conservation of energy, momentum, etc.)

    - Warren
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    THANK YOU SO MUCH! A true life saver. :-D
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    I don't see how anyone but YOU can say what "sub-fields" YOU are studying! It depends entirely upon how your text is divided. I'll bet that the chapter on mechanics is separated into two parts (or your text is separated into two parts). I can see chroot's answer but I think it is more likely your text divides mechanics into "statics" and "kinematics".
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