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Listserve Problem

  1. Jul 29, 2006 #1
    Does anybody here use listserve? I'm having trouble getting my command lines right and can't find the relevant instructions.

    Specifically, I want to switch to 'digest' mode but the instruction "digest" doesn't do it, nor does "listname digest", and nor does "digest listname". What am I missing?
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    Assuming this is the classic LISTSERV software, you're missing the word SET:

    SET listname DIGEST

    See http://www.lsoft.com/manuals/1.8d/user/user.html for the other commands and options. (I found this by starting with a Google search for "listserv commands", by the way.)
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    Yeah, you're right. I did read the manual at that link but found it a little ambiguous.Thanks.
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