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Lithium and Lithium hydride

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    Hi, I'm an italian PhD student (sorry for my english). I'm searching for data on Lithium and Lithium Hydride. In particular:
    1) Data concerning LiH decomposition rate @ 1-10 atm and from 1200 K to 2500 K (that is: characteristic time of the decomposition in this range of pressure and temperature: is it < of 10E-5 s? I hope less than...)

    2) chemical kinetics (not thermodyn.) data (in Arrhenius form) concerning liquid and gaseous Lithium combustion with air (or oxygen) in the same range of pressure and temperature 1200K-2550K)
    Where I can find these data? I have searched into the NIST databases but...nothing!
    Can you help me? Thank you for your help and attention!!!
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    What is the medium you are interested in?

    For oxidation of LiH in air and other inert/oxidizing media, see (pp 25,25,26) http://www.hydrogen.energy.gov/pdfs/review06/stp_2_shaw.pdf

    Also, I'd look for more in J. Electrochem. Soc.
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    Tank you Astronuc and Gukul for your suggestions. Really and more precisely the problem under investigation is the combustion in a hot ( more than 1200 K) air stream of a solid grain of LiH in a vented container.My opinion is that LiH first liquifies and after, dragged by the turbulent stream decomposes giving Li and H2. Thus Li reacts with air oxygeh yelding (into this temperature range) Li2O. Now my problem, to make CFD simulations, is: how much rapid is the decomposition? Increasing temperature I think that LiH decomposes before to react with oxygen and only Liquid lithium reacts. To asses this "hypothesys" I need also data about the rate of Li2O production increasing T between 1200 K and about 3000 K but I can't find. Isearching data hoping that the LiH decomposition rate and the Li2O production rate to have characteristic times less than 10-5 seconds....
    My last task is to define a reduced set of reaction system to incluse into the CFD software...can you suggest me something more?
    Thanks again!!!
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    Ah, that better defines the problem.

    Maybe this paper would be of use - Structure and kinetics of formation and decomposition of corrosion layers formed on lithium compounds exposed to atmospheric gases

    Calculation of the thermodynamic characteristics of the systems Li-LiH, Li-LiD, and Li-LiT

    from eng-tips

    http://pubs.acs.org/cgi-bin/abstract.cgi/jpchax/1974/78/i19/f-pdf/f_j100612a013.pdf?sessid=5903#search=%22Li-H%20phase%20diagram%22 [Broken]

    Can you find a LiH phase diagram?

    Also, one can find limited data for LiH online, e.g.
    One might find relevant articles in Journal of Physical Chemistry or Journal of Chemical Physics.
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    Thank yuo Astronuc, and sorry for my late answer (out of my office for a congress...). I will try to follow your suggestions!
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