Lithium battery life.

  1. I got a lithium battery pack for my ski glove. On high it last for 2 hour, 4 hours for medium but on low it only last 3 hours. Why does the battery not working long on high? Does the cold weather affect the batteries from operating at its peaks power. Would it be better if I use some type of extra insulation around the battery pack so the battery would be cold.

    thanks for the help.
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    hi johnny
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    the battery doesnt last as long on high because more current is being drawn from it, that reduces its operating time before a recharge

    not sure why it would operate for less time on low than on medium, unless it's already been used for a while on one of the other power settings ??

  4. NascentOxygen

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    Hi Johnny_B! First, have you confirmed that the setting marked "LOW" is actually the lowest heat setting; maybe it is wrongly wired and is really the MEDIUM heat setting? :smile:
  5. What I meant to ask is why is the batteries not lasting longer on low setting.

    I will do a test on each setting today and post up some result so that ya can see.

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    Coincidently, that is the very conundrum I was addressing. :smile:

    Good idea!
  7. mfb

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    If the batteries are very cold (with "low" setting?), they can discharge quicker. On the other hand, this discharging should make them warmer, stopping the effect...
  8. NascentOxygen

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    Are you talking about self-discharge? This over a period of months?
  9. mfb

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    Self-discharge is not an issue within hours, but I think the internal resistance depends on the temperature, too.
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