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Lithium Ion Charging Voltage

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    Hi, I have built a large, lithium ion battery bank, so that I may power some of my projects from battery. The bank is 10,000 milliamp hours at 16.9 volts, and was wondering the following.

    Can I charge my 16.9 volt battery pack with a 12 volt dc source? would It decrease the efficiency? Would my battery pack only charge up to 12 volts?

    Thank you all for your help! it is much appreciated!
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    If you incorrectly charge a lithium battery you can easily cause a fire. Use a charger designed to charge a 16.9V Li battery pack from a 12V battery do not just connect it directly to a 12V source.
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    what is the reason I can not just directly connect my battery pack to the 12v source?
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    A piece of information that i forgot to include, is that i have a shut off switch for my battery pack, so i cannot overcharge them. The bank is also large enough, that I do not have to worry about charging it at too high of a current, because my power source only puts out 1 amp, which is 10% of its capacity, so I am well within charging current.
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    Please read something about electronics, and especially how to charge lithium batteries. No way you will connect a 12V source directly to a 16.9V lithium battery twice.

    Lithium batteries require a very precise charging procedure. Especially multi-cell banks.

    You might be able to use 12V to power a charger designed for a 16.9V multi-cell lithium battery, but 1A might be a limitation.
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    so what is the actual reason why I cannot just directly plug it into my 12 volt source? I cannot overcharge them, because I have a shutoff switch, that is designed for that very purpose of shutting off lithium ion charging, as well as I do not pass the input amperage rating of the Lipos.
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    Thread closed due to safety concerns.
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