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Little Brat!

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    I'm really beginning to think that these spelling be kids will be scarred for life by this experience. This kid is overly cocky because he won, (He wasn't surprised he won, cmon!) and everyone else will become really depressed. Also, you can't forget the parents either. Sure they act all nice and supportive on camera when their kids lose, but I can see many parents just snapping when their kids loose. Really,a lot of parents train their kids like race horses for these things!

    Yeah, I really think the spelling bee drives everyone involved insane.
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    Q:Were you surprised you won?

    A...........not really.
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    This interview went downhill from the start!:

    Q:Hi Evan!

    A:.....he......he......he......Your pronouncing my name wrong!!!
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    He should have said:

    he......he........he.........are you single?

    That is one HOT newswoman.
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    At least he spelled the word wrong at the end! That's what he gets for being so cocky!
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    Hecouldnthearhersaytheword.heeeee.heeeeeee.heeeeeee.heeee (gasp for breath).heee.heeee. (puff-puff -inhaler).
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    Well, she did pronounce it wrong.

    More hilariousness:
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    I wonder what this kid would have been like if he lost? You think he is the "cry his eyes out type" or the "pass out and go into a coma type", OR the "go home and be beaten by his parent for loosing type"?
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    That kid is cocky, but at the same time he speaks as though he is retarded.

    Personally, almost all the kids I see these days are, quite simply, *******s (really makes me wonder about having kids some day).

    edit... :rofl: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6iwD4PI47c&mode=related&search=

    From the comments it seems like the kid is autistic.
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    The kid needs to put down the books and get some friends. I seriously think his mom still dresses him. Its sad.
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    I would kill to be as ridiculously smart as him. And as comedically gifted.
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    All 3 at once
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    Brat? I don't know. Dork? Definitely, yes. His mom is probably proudly telling everyone how her homeschooled kid is so smart because he won a spelling bee. He's probably done nothing but memorize the dictionary his whole life.
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    :rofl: What for. I would NOT want to be as smart as him and be socially clueless.
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    I posted that youtube video of the competition on him. After seenig it, I think he really is Autistic. He has no clue about anything when people talk to him.

    Its sad to watch. The kid needs help on his social skills or hes going to be the 40 year old virgin.
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    You know, the way he speaks and acts reminds me of a smart math major at my school that just finished his B.S. in Math (at 19 years old).
  20. Jun 7, 2007 #19
    I find this sort of interesting. How much of a clue does the origin of the word give them? He stated that he could not spell it without the origin...

    His music is surprisingly good for someone of his age. I don't know much about music but in my opinion it was quite nice.
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    That actually made sense to me, especially when the reporter was mispronouncing it. Different languages have different silent letters and diphthongs, so the same or similar sound will be a different spelling depending on word origin.
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