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Little Britain

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    Got to be one of the funniest comedies around.

    What do you think of the series?
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    I have never heard of it, do you have any links?
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    It was a series that actually started on the radio and then, because of its success, was transferred to TV. The two actor comedians who were behind it have now moved on to other projects. Essentially, the two of them are superb at character creation and so between the two of them created a host of characters that were meant to portray lots of different characters from British society. But there was, quite deliberately, something of an edge to the characters they created such that some people might find them challenging. So, for example, there is one, intelligent young adult male who still breast feeds from his mother. One middle aged lady is very refined in her behaviour but ludicrously prejudiced and generally reacts to things that offend her sensibilities by projectile vomiting. Another middle aged lady has a tendency to urinate large volumes at totally inappropriate times. And one of the most popular characters was an overweight young man with a tendency to wear ludicrously skimpy clothing who refuses to allow society to judge him for being gay and prides himself on being ‘the only gay in the village’. He thus has something of a problem with finding himself constantly confronted with everyone’s perfectly reasonable acceptance of his sexuality and the bald reality that there are numerous other ‘gays in the village’.
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    I think it get's a bit vulgar but I see why people would find it funny.
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    The American one was most amusing.
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    Super funny. I can watch the "Fat Fighters" skits all day long.

    For a quick hit for people that haven't seen it before, here are some vids:

    Actually, a correction... There used to be a lot of little britain videos on youtube. Looks like they took most of them down :/
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    Haha, fat fighters and the Indian lady

    "Fish and chips?"
    "English please."
    "Fish and chips?"
    "Must be something foreign"
    *writes on the board "curry"*

    "Yeah, I know"
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    My favourite fat fighters is the one on "dust".
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