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Little Caesar's

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    Anyone here like their pizza? I really enjoy it. And the crazy bread. However there aren't many around anymore. The one that existed in the local Kmart closed down.
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    I think the last time I ate Little Caesar's pizza was about fifteen years ago, so I don't remember anything in particular about it. When my mother-in-law was still alive and living in a retirement home in the next town over, and still liked pizza, my wife and I used to pick up pizza at Little Caesar's in that town on the way to visiting her.

    I prefer to support locally-owned businesses, so I go to an independent pizza place for my weekly pizza fix, which I'll probably do tomorrow (oops, today) now that you've reminded me of it. :tongue2:
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    I've never tried it, and probably never will because there isn't one in my town. Even if there were, though, I doubt that it could equal Canadian Pizza Unlimited.
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    Growing up there was one in my town, followed by an absence of like 10 years or more, until we got one a few back. Anyways, for the price it's alright, but it's nothing special by any means, rather greasy even.
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    That's my preference, too, when it comes to restaurants, particularly pizzerias (and also Mexican restaurants and burger joints). Chains might offer a bit more consistency, a bit lower price, but this comes at the cost of boring mediocrity and a crust that is indistinguishable from the box in which the pizza is delivered.
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    I like Little Caesar's. It's 5 bucks a pizza, not bad.
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    I have a Little Caesar's walking distance from my house, but I rarely go there. I love the price, but the pizza is on par with a frozen pizza from the grocery store. Tolerable, but not what I'd consider good. Can't beat the price, though...
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    LC is terrible! Crust is cardboard and the toppings are plastic. For pop franchise pizza Papa Johns is the best.
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    The chains don't serve pizza. What they do serve is made of the same ingredients and has the same shape as actual pizza, but doesn't taste anything like it.
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    Never had a Little Caeser's pizza. It's hard to go wrong with Mom-and-Pop pizzarias that make their own fresh-dough crust and sauce. It's more than pride in quality - it's a business decision that determines their longevity. Customer loyalty is a big deal for a small business. The guy who owns the pizza/sandwich shop two towns down has been doing that since when we were in HS (too many years ago).

    About 20 years ago, he had health issues, and his sister started taking a hand in the business, and she cheapened everything up, setting the slicers so thin that you could read bible-print through the tomato. I warned him about the decline in quality, and he started asking other customers and put things back to normal. I never had to pay for a pizza or a sandwich for a few weeks. Good businessman.
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    Mmmm local. There's a place out here in Oregon that I try and get to at least once every summer that has the best pizza ever. I swear the crust has honey in it, it's got this sweetness to it that is so good.
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    You of the unenlightened! Giovanni's Mountain Pizza rules.

    I don't think it ACTUALLY does, it just tastes as if it does. Don't nit pick everything.
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    http://www.multiplaying.net/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/facepalm-statue1.jpg [Broken]
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    I fail to catch your humor. Hopefully, you're laughing, cause otherwise I'd have to say you're wasting your time digging for those busts.
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    Love da busts!
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    I'll have to thinK about that.

    Worst recent experience: Attending a childs birthday party at Peter Piper pizza.
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    Howdy friends!
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