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Little help on physics study plan

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    Greetings from Portugal!
    I hope I got the right forum section :)

    I would greatly appreciate your help in the following matter:
    I am a Physics Engineering student, just finishing 1st year and I've recently decided to change to Theoretical Physics with a minor in Mathematics, yet I think I am not quite prepared for this course, thus I am holding university on "standby" for a year (plus financial reasons).
    What I need from you is guidance on a study plan that will prepare me for this course!
    I was thinking I would restudy some of the classes I took in a more mathematical way cause I am really interested to go deeper in mathematics, although the main point is preparing myself for theoretical physics.

    So far I thought I would try the following textbooks:
    Linear Algebra Done Right by Axler
    Calculus by Michael Spivak
    An Introduction to Mechanics by Kleppner and Kolenkow

    Which topics should I consider studying? (I would appreciate any textbook recommendations or critics on the ones above)
    I also need an Electromagnetism textbook since the course Im transfering to had this covered in the 1st year.

    Thanks in advance!
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    What physics/math have you already taken? What will you be taking when you start theoretical physics?
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    welcome to the forums.

    In my uni, the engineering physics n theoretical physics lectures are the same for the first year.

    I am not so sure about your mathematics minor,, but I think you will be able to get a better advise here if you can provide a link to your study programme courses/lectures.

    Additionally, you can just drop by the offices of some of your professors n chit chat with them (e.g. about books,, general study advise etc..).
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    Hey, thanks for the replies :)
    I have done pretty much the 1st year of the theoretical physics course except for electromagnetism. Here is the program:

    1st Semester:
    Calculus I
    Linear Algebra & Analytic Geometry I
    Introduction to Programming

    2nd Semester:
    Physics Lab I
    Calculus II

    3rd Semester:
    Waves and something I cant translate
    Infinitesimal Analysis
    Algebra I

    4rd Semester:
    Topics in Modern and Astrophysics
    Physics Lab II

    5th Semester:
    Quantum Mechanics
    Physics Lab III

    6th Semester:

    Computational and Statistical Physics
    Electrodynamics and Relativity
    Condensed Matter Physics
    Nuclear and Particle Physics
    Algebra II
    Mathematical Models of Physics
    Number Theory and Criptography
    Linear Algebra & Analytical Geometry II
    Complex Analysis and Fourier Analysis
    Differential Geometry
    Grafs and Aplications
    Introduction to Dynamical Systems

    although the options are a little bit more restricted lol
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