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Little man program

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    Write a Little Man program to accept an unknown amount of input values. the largest value enetered will be the output value. the value 0 should be used as a

    flag to indicate the end of input.
    Any suggestions please help,
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    Please post this in the proper format for homework problems and show what you have been able to do yourself and ask specific question about what you are stuck on.

    Also, you should read the forum rules. Just asking for an answer is not how this forum works.
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    basically i just want to know should a loop be used and how is the value stored thanks
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    jim mcnamara

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    The value is stored in an integer variable. The loop stops when the variable gets set to zero.

    Please post all of you requirements, this is clearly homework. We need to know what language(s) you are required to use, etc.
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    Also, post your work here in the forum, not in a PM to me.
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