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Little satellite project need some help

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    hi every body ..hop u are diong well

    in this smsiter i am taking a control subject ,,and there project is required from us ..

    i have an idea ..and that's is the head of the topic ,,little satellite ...

    wat in mind now that i must get two motors and have to design the circuit to control them ..

    but there one thing that i havn't took it yet ..

    i didn't take amachine subject and it's for 4th level and i am still in 3rd level

    somthing in motors call feed back ..and from this word meaning i wonder

    how can i stop the motors at a point i mean an angle how can i stop it at a given angle

    i think it's by feed back information to the motor but ?how ?

    plz need ur help in this
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    is there any one ?
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    i don't know why havn't i been responce but wat i am looking for
    is not complecated..it's just a project of two motors ..

    to make it simple ..imagin like u are dailing with sphirical coordinates ..

    and use the 2 dimintion ,,the angles

    i just need is there any way i can control the motors ..to stop and 2 angles i give it to the circuit
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    Perhaps this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stepper_motor" [Broken] link will help?
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