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Living For What?

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    Living For What???????????????

    Hey Friends.....please guide me in living my life. What do we life for? why do we live for it ? Is it for name ? is it for fame ? is it for society, for parents ? why do we have to marry a girl ? why do we have to have children. why do we need to hate, why do we need to love, why do we need to get angry. what are all these ?

    There is one thing that is probably what we live for. All through our childhood we have been asked by our parents, our school teachers to study a lot and get good marks. what for ? Is it for securing our future and earn a great amount of money ? But this is not going to help us earn a huge amount of money. there are other ways too. Lots and lots of people who are millionaires are Thumbstrikers. they never topped in class.

    But one thing is for sure. We need to serve people by being technologically sound, we need to study really hard for the upliftment of the society, for the future generations to come. We are in a great Institution-- to be a great innovator, a great scientist-- to serve a great country and a great future....i need to know the answer to basic why?
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    All you have said is good and well, my indian brother.. but make sure you post it in the correct forum. ;-)
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    Hey I Am Not Indian...i Am Indian+austrailan...he He
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    nice, but actually what I find surprising and ironic, is that indian children born and brought up in another country are more patriotic than indian children born and brought up in India. This is not a generalization, of course there are exceptions. But what I don't like are Indians who consider themselves, for examples, Americans when they have been only living there for a decade or two decades, or even any time, but if you are not born in a country or don't have a citizenship, you are not from that country.
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    u are from which part of India ..everything u said is perfectly observed by me too.
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    I am from Tamil Nadu/Kerala/Karnataka, meaning my family is from all those places, but I was born in Chennai.
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    ahh...u are an south indian....my mother is from somewhere Delhi and daddy from Australia...have u been to Delhi?
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    lol, of course I have been to Delhi, it being our capital and all...
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    ahhhh i love Connaught Place and Chandni Chauk of Delhi......i like Kerala too..
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    So have you lived in india or just visited the subcontinent?

    Where do you live in Australia :-)
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    i live in Sydney..
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    I have these problems too.......
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    I'm not sure about any of those things, but i know I used to be troubled and lately have been more happy.

    As a young man I worked and studied some, but only enough to be praised, because I liked being told I was smart. I worked just enough to win prizes and grades. Then when I went to a top school I found so many people smarter than me I became unhappy again, because I was not working for the love of it, and I could no longer receive the easy victories i was used to. So I dropped out.

    After working in a factory I went back, because school seemed easier than the factory, but I was still afraid to try my best, since I might fail again.

    At some point I began to hook up with the rest of the human race, to care about belonging to the tradition of other people, to have a family, raise children, observe the wonder of nature, and life, and to actually learn something about life. I was also influenced by an Indian teacher.

    I returned to school with a new attitude, not to excel other people, but to find out if I was really any good myself at the subject I had always enjoyed most. To do the very best I could, whether I found out I was really talented or not. I found out that I was not as talented as I would have liked, but not so little either as I feared, and more important, that with hard consistent work, one can really do extremely well, even with modest talents.

    It also helped to meditate every day.

    According to the Indian philosophy I have heard and read, the world has a natural rhythm, and one succeeds in it best if one adopts that rhythm, or at least respects it. This seems mystical, but when it is really working in ones own life, it is so persuasive, that it is hard to resist.

    Some people have said, find what you love, and then do it with all your heart.

    good luck to you.
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    The meaning of life is very simple. It is to learn and love. Many do well on the learning part, but not the loving. Or, fail to learn, but love things to much. The purpose of life is achieve a balance of both. Meditation helps :)
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