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Living Fossils

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    No, it's not about me.

    http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/9449/mantisshrimpve7.jpg [Broken]

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    It looks half butterfly half crab, lovely colours.
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    mantis shrimp are satan's angels. beautiful to behold, but deadly. fortunately, they are no match for an octopus if you get one of these demons in your aquarium.
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    Are you sure that's not at least a second or third cousing of yours? Please don't hurt me.
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    George Jones

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    Oh ... this thread isn't about Keith Richards.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    LIVING fossils. Richards appears to be living, but that point is hotly disputed.
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    Certain factions believe that once his animatory functions cease operating that he should be dried and smoked. For science, of course.
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    I agree with Woolly's assessment (crab & butterfly). And stunningly colourful!!
    (interesting they are the only creature we know of, that can see in circularly polarized light).
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    i saw a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bowfin" [Broken], once, while wading in a creek near huntsville, al. i don't know how accurate the description of temperament is, but i was able to wade fairly close without spooking it. it wouldn't strike at my popping bug, so i only got to observe it swimming.
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    12 M year old rat thought extinct - among others - in Mekong Delta.

    (Please note: not the cover picture. That would be a frog in case you are confused.)

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