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Living in a basement?

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    Provided that it's not a basement for storing chemical nor nuclear substances, are there any negative consequences of living in a basement (with no windows)?

    One thing that comes to mind is bad air.
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    If there's a flood, your room's the first to go?
    You still live with your folks (which may or may not be negative consequence) unless you live in the basement of someone else's house, which is a little weird.
    Vitamin D deficiency, but that would probably only be if you were down there for a good couple of years and never came out (whereby vitamin D deficiency would probably be the least of your worries.
    Too much CO2, you'd have to ventilate the basement somehow.
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    Sherlock Holmes lived in a basement.
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    Mould... if you weren't allergic to mould before living in a basement, you can become sensitized and develop fungal allergies. :surprised haachoo..
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    Before we were married, my husband rented a furnished basement apartment in MD while he was on a sabbatical.

    Often the heating systems in basement apartments just aren't up to par (I found this to be the case, but since we were always suglling when I visited...). The humidity can be a bit bad (besides the aforementioned possibility of flooding, depending on the location). Ventilation might have some issues (if there's a kitchen or untrained pet, etc... or again that radon gas issue). In my experience, poor ventilation also contributed to the humidity levels (since there was a shower in the basement that we used).

    No windows (or insufficient windows) could also lead to seasonal affective disorder.

    I would personally never choose to rent an apartment in a basement long term.
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    No windows at all? Hmmm....better hope there's never a fire.
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    I don't think it's legal to rent out a basement apartment if it has no windows at all.

    If it is legal, still, that would be pretty dreary and depressing. There would definitely need to be added ventillation to ensure you're getting fresh air. If the furnace is on the same level as your apartment, you'd also have to worry about carbon monoxide if there isn't adequate ventillation.
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    +1 for radon gas, depending on your geography.
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    If one need Sun light, why not just take a stroll ? If I have my books, I can live in a basement. Some mathematicians create their life-time master piece in prison.
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    Provided they don't mind the noise. Perfection would be if they were in an isolated room with noise sealed walls. But they they must have committed a really big crime.
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    Where would that come from?
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    Gravitational time dilation. You don't get as much time to sleep.
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    Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that seeps out of the ground and you either have it or you don't. If you have it, you take steps to abate it and then it isn't an issue anymore. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radon
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    Oh come on, these issues are easily soluble.

    Central ventilation.
    Again, a non-issue with proper ventilation.
    Storm drains.
    Vitamin pills.
    Ventilation, dehumidifiers, HEPA filters, bleach.
    If it's that important to you, you can cancel out the (tiny) effect with a few dozen lead bricks.
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    Costs money if not installed or not correctly installed

    Don't help much in major floods, and excludes possible flooding from inside the house if a pipe leaks or there is a plumbing problem

    sure, but that one was more of a joke (you only need a few minutes of sun every day to generate the RDA of vitamin D in your body.)

    All cost money that could be perhaps better used renting or buying a nicer appartment

    Think that one was a joke too... :rolleyes:
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    ... the expense of lead bricks needed to get a good night's sleep.

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    A basement with no windows, or even small ones... that's going to be one messed up circadian rhythm.
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    Much quieter, can't hear barking dogs, loud neighbors, traffic, etc. Great place to read, study, sleep. You can turn up the music and not bother your neighbors.
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    Hopefully the rent is less. Sign a short lease if possible. Make sure the landlord is responsible for issues related to radon, mold, flooding...and check for ANY indications of pests/infestations prior to signing.
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