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Living in newyork

  1. Feb 15, 2006 #1
    Let's make a plan,
    work for a compnay, salary is $2600/month.
    apartment rent = $750
    electricity, water, internet, transport fee = $750
    food = $ 600
    others = $140
    left = $ 360

    If that is that little left, how can I build a house with my own library.
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    You can't. Welcome to the middle class my friend.
  4. Feb 15, 2006 #3
    u misunderstood, i not belong to middle class, i guess i much lower
    How can a newly graduated student get higher salary ? like $5000/month
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    You have to find a good job, which can be done by having a better education. But all that is variable depending on your skill set and the demand for those skills.
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    What you mean means there are jobs paid higher than $5000 for brandnew students ? I guess they be bank-robbery
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    Know of any students that have spare money? Please point them out, I know I don't, and I'm not trying to live in Manhattan.
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    Unable to buy something to eat is terrible,
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    God, that takes me back to when I just got out of college. It's when I invented "poor man's spaghetti": ramen noodles with ketchup. (You pilfer the ketchup packets from fast food restaurants. Have to buy the ramen noodles, though.)
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    Are you talking about living in the city? If so and you find an apartment for $750 a month, you have struck gold.

    Coming from someone who just moved from there, I say with 90% certainty that unless you have a kickass job lined up, you will not be able to "get ahead" and save for a house while living there. The market is so competetive there that it is insane. If you are planning on moving there, I'd give you two, two word options to think hard about; New Jersey and Long Island.
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    Cheapest rent in NYC in Manhattan is 1000 bucks for a matchbox studio, 1500 + for a nicer place. (Although sometimes utilities are included). Try getting roomates if you can, then ya can split the rent. Either that or consider the barrios, which are considerably cheaper.
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    Thank you CosminaPrisma:blushing:

    I move to ny because i like all of you, my american guys. you always have neat ideas about all funny stuff, that makes me laugh all the time. pople here, in guantamela gives me no real laugh, only fake ones.
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