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B Living in space

  1. Apr 13, 2016 #1
    If we don't age in space,why can't we live there and make ourselves immortal ? Surely,We'd develope enough technology for that,I believe ?
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    If we didn't age in space then any baby born in space would remain a new-born baby forever!

    Although, if we didn't age at all, it's difficult to see how any baby could be born; it would remain a foetus (or a fertilised egg) forever.
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    But we do. Where did you read something to the contrary?
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    The health effects, long and short term, of living in a micro-G environment are complex and slowly being revealed, albeit sporadically and incrementally.

    While the lack of earth's gravity can allow for much less wear and tear on certain joints and less stress on various parts and processes, there are a whole host of potential negative health issues, many of which are not fully understood. Muscular atrophy is a serious problem, and can be reduced with careful exercise regimens, but so far not eliminated. Long term cardiological effects are not fully understood. Apparently, without a normal 24 hour night/day cycle, the human metabolic process seems to gravitate to a 26 hour cycle. (please note, these remarks are from memory, but I can seek out citations if desired).

    Protection/shielding from radiation is another major concern.

    Recently, astronaut Scott Kelly returned from a record setting long stay on the ISS and the effects of his time there on his anatomy and physiology are being studied in comparison to the recorded physical properties of his identical twin (also an astronaut) brother Mark Kelly (who remained ashore). This should provide an unprecedented opportunity to study the effects of long term micro-G exposure against something approaching an isolated control. Hardly a broadly rigorous statistical sampling, but it is a start.

    The chapter on the health effects of micro-G habitation is just beginning to be written, but it is clearly complex and full of many hazards.

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    If being in space has any effect on ageing, it's more likely to cause symptoms of ageing more quickly.
    As diogenesNY pointed out micro gravity, the absense of a normal day-night cycle, radiation, etc, subject a body to unusual stresses, and that is not likely to make a person live longer.
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    Why can't we build a super Dooper space ship that has all the amenities and can resist all the problems that we might face in space ? Just like how it was in a movie named "2012" How long do you think it might take for us to achieve that ?
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    Why should we give birth to babies when we are immortal ? I mean you won't need anybody to support you.Moreover,there are contraceptive methods that can help us in space.
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    In order to understand what age really is, you have to first come to the realization that you are nothing more than an insanely complicated chemical reaction. Those chemical reactions that make you you, don't care if you're on Earth or floating though space.

    I ask you this question: how old is your body? It depends on what part of you you are talking about, the cells of your skin, stomach, bones, blood... are all very different ages.

    The only possibility for immortality is to transfer your consciousness into a machine, which I think is possible, but way way way harder than people think it will be.
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    Naturally,we all define age on the basis of time.I believe that all my organs came into existence at one point of time and that is when I was born.So the amount of years spent by each part of my body is the same which means they all should be of the same age.
    Coming to the second point,I really like that idea.But machines can also be destroyed easily.Secondly,where do you think consciousness exists ? Is it something like our soul ?
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    This thread has degenerated, and is closed for now.
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