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LM2575 for Multisim

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    Looking to create a component in multisim, I want to simulate a LM2575 switching voltage regulator but have no idea how to do it or if there are any alternatives

    Any help would be awesome
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    EmptyCoffin92, Welcome to Physics Forums!

    From National Instruments there is this tutorial: “Introduction to Multisim: Learn to Capture and Simulate in Less Than 30 Minutes”

    Usually persons learning complex systems begin with simple examples and gradually increase the complexity of their exercises while aiming for proficiency. For instance, one place to begin might be with this:
    “Multisim Tutorial Using Bipolar Transistor Circuit”

    Once you’ve learned to use the program and decide to “simulate a LM2575 switching voltage regulator” then you need as much information about it as possible. Then you need to decide for which application you want to configure it. For instance, the part may be used as a Fixed Buck Regulator or an Isolated Flyback Regulator. You would use application notes for this information. Here’s one:
    “52kHz LM2574/5/6 Family Design Guide”

    Once you get started if you have further questions, be sure to post them here. Members are always ready and willing to assist any true searcher.
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