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LM324 amplification

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    I am using the LM324 to amplify the signal arduino pwm from 0-5 volts to 0-10 volts, but with the source of 5 volts can not amplify :( ... someone can help me to amplify this signal pwm
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    jim hardy

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    an opamp cannot make more volts than you give it as supply , that's all it has to work with. (well except for some special ones with built in voltage boost)
    so you'll need to generate about 12 to 15 volts for the opamp's supply pin.

    There exists a whole world of DC to DC step up voltage converters
    http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/lm2767.pdf is about the simplest
    you could start here for some background
    and see this more traditional boost converter
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    jim hardy

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    Thanks guys for fixing the 'necropost'
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    What will you be doing with the 10V output?
    That will decide the voltage requirement and output impedance.
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    Just a note. I would not recommend powering your device off of the arduino.

    Pull your power from somewhere else and use signal from the arduino to control your load.

    If you use a DC DC converter, the power will be drawn from the ardunio itself.
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