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LM555 timer with motor

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    Please forgive my inexperience.
    I am trying to put a motor , either 3v or 12v, powered by a 6v battery, on a LM555 8 pin timer. I have 30000 ohm resistor, 1000 ohm resistor, 3000 ohm resistor. I also have a 500 cuf capacitor.
    I would like it to go on for approx .5s and then off for 10s, times are flexible, but somewhat similar to these.
    Step by step would be great!
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    i also have diodes
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    i also have 100 ohm resistors
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    readytolearn, Welcome to Physics Forums! No forgiveness is necessary for being inexperienced.

    Google and Wikipedia are your friends!

    I suggest you use Google and enter the search terms "motor control with 555 timer". There you will find many applications using the 555 to control motors. Select one, try to build it, and if you have a problem come back here and describe the problem. There are lots of members here who will help. Good Luck!
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    I guess a more appropriate question would be can i use a 6v lightbulb and battery to follow one of the youtube step-by-step for blinking light? This was my endeavor last night and it was a total failure. I used 3 100 ohms and it didnt even turn on , let alone blink. Needless to say, I will have lots of trouble moving from basic light to complicated motor.
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    Also does the order of the resistors matter?
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