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L'Methyl Folate

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    Does anyone have any references for me with good information on the genes (don't even know their names) responsible for the synthesizing of L'methyl folate from folic acids. Also I'd like to learn about the effects of L'methyl folate on the production of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. I wouldn't be surprised if something I said above was completely incorrect (but hey I'm wanting to learn). Seems like just obscure enough of a genetics topic that I'm having trouble finding information on it.

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    MTHFR is necessary for levomefolic acid synthesis.
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    L-methyl folate? Is there such a thing? Where is it methylated? Did you mean 5-methyl?
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    Thanks for the replies. And L-methylfolate is another name for levomefolic acid, which, if I'm not mistaken, is an active form of folic acid.

    In context to why I'm interested in the subject, my psychiatrist did a genetic test on me to find that whatever the two genes are, I have a heterozygous genotype for each. This apparently reduces the amount of levomefolic acid my body metabolizes. And in consequence (I don't know the process or 'how' here) I have lowered levels of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine in my brain.
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    OK there are various terminologies, I was not familar or did not recall that one :blushing: - which I however dislike as it seems to suggest that the L has anything to do with the methyl. Instead it is not to do with the biochemically reacting business part of the molecule but the glutamic acid part (which is still essential), right? It would loom more prominent I guess for people concerned with dietary supplements etc.

    Any interference with 1-carbon transfers that folic acids are involved in can produce all sorts of biological effects. I don't know what scientific level you want. However I quickly saw and was not very surprised that the googlesphere was dominated by medical-related articles on the effects of the genes and enzymes in question in susceptibility to depression and use of folate for prevention. Not sure where it would be best to start.
    Perhaps you can also post on the medical sciences forum
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