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Load capacity of Cone Clutch

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    Hi. I am trying to develop a cone clutch for torque transmission. I have looked a lot over the internet but I cannot find how to calculate the maximum torque transmission capability of a cone clutch. Everywhere they use the equations with inputs of axial force. I want to find the maximum torque that the cone clutch can transmit before failure based on the material properties and friction coefficient between the cone and the cup. Please help out.
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    @paisiello2 : failure here means that the minimum load at the cup at which the cone is not able to rotate it/ transmit torque (because of its size, its material etc). I want to know how to calculate the (ultimate) torque transmission capacity of the the cone clutch independent of the axial force variable... Thanks for replying.
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    1) if the cone is not able to rotate then there must be something preventing it from rotating but I don't think this would mean a failure of the clutch itself; rather I would think a failure would be when the cone slips and rotates relative to the cup

    2) since the clutch relies on friction then there must be an axial load required to engage, otherwise the torque is zero
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