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Load Forecasting

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    Hi everybody

    can any of u give me more information about LOAD FORECASTING ?

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    What's the context of your question? The term "forecasting" is unfamiliar to me in the context of electrical loads. Can you post more info about the question?
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    Are you asking us about the LIne Load? Example; you are asked to do electrical work; power supply; electrical panels, and you have to forecast the load so that you know the size of the panel, size of the disconnect switch, the size of the wires. To calculate all those sizes you need to know the load (forecast it)? That is the job of an Electrician and in a case of a hotel and/or hospital construction than Consulting Engineering Firms will ask Professiona Electrical Engineer to do the Load Forecast. Could I be wrong?
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    I should say that this question was not my own question. In fact, I allowed Dan, one of my friends, to use my account for posting his question. Now he has joined and has his own account. He has started a new thread with this title “LOAD FORCASTING explanation” and has explained more about what he wants to know.

    Sorry, I forgot that one’s account and email are privet things as toothbrush, hairbrush and towel are :-)

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