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Load on Axel

  1. May 4, 2004 #1
    Please let me know the equation to calculate the following

    i have a mass of 100 kgs

    i have an axel of 10cms diameter connected by 3 arms 120 degrees apart.

    the length of the arm is 100cms

    i want to know that if the load is dropped from above, that is when the arm reaches on the top where it collects the load of 100 kgs and falls freely.

    What is the load it will create on the axel which i want to use for rotating a generator.

    I want to know the horsepowers that will be generated as i got a generator which requires 500 horsepower engines.

    I have the liberty of a loat of load on the top, which is not expected to get exhausted. please help

    kalpesh :smile:
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