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Loading of a intermediate beam

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    Hi folks
    I was wondering if someone can start me off on this question, I have have a line diagram of a beam and I have to use it to use in a real life example. I don't know what to use and compare it to would be grateful for some of you guys input.

    Give an real example/picture of a load-carrying component/structure and show how the system
    could be modelled using a beam. Describe the differences and similarities between the static
    load theories that you know and what could happen in real life.

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    The question really is not clear. Could you try stating it again in different words?
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    The beam in the PDF file is a beam that was setup and we did a practical experiment on it, we hung weights at 3 points which was wb, wc and we there was a strain gauge and a meter to read the deflection. Once the weights were on we took readings of the strain and deflection the diagram shows where the strain gauge was positioned. Once we obtained a few results, we used the Mcauley methods to calculate the strain and deflection theoretically and then compared the results for accuracy.

    Now the question is asking me to give an example/picture of an load carrying component/ structure and show how the system could be modelled using this beam. I have to discuss the similarities between the static and load theories, and what could happen in real life. One example some one told me to use was the gantry on a motorway, again I just wanted to know how a gantry could be modelled using a beam system and the effects.
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    One example would be a machine shaft on three bearings. Wb, Wc, We might be the weights of the supported components, such as flywheels, saw blades, electrical machine rotors, pulleys, etc.
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    Could you please go into abit more detail please?
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    What more do you want? If you don't see the connection, may I suggest that you look on Google for pictures of machinery shafting.
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